Tuesday, August 26, 2008

on friday,22nd august 2008(:


went to eat sakae sushi with BABY at PS,den catch a movie there too,DEATH RACE(: after eating we spend our day walking here and there so that time will fly faster as our movie timing was very coincidence we saw SERENE and BUIBOM over there too(:they are watching 4BIA.but their show start later so the four of us slack tgt(:cool right?hahhahahaha.



went to meet ANDREA at her place(: she was vexed abt some internal conflicts between our friends.well i must say that everyone complains,and it's not wrong to complain,but somethings some ppl say isnt's badmouthing.the person who says tt will nvr realise what is wrong.only the friends who are listening know it.some things you think isnt badmouth,and some things your friends think tt the other party should's why the other party say,this isnt badmouth,this isnt wrong.but dumb ppl and weirdo wont understand.and i dont understand why would a close friend call you a bitch,no matter what she is definately saying either you or me(: shit!hahaha(:hmmm.drea is so so nice.she treat me bird nest(:she'd been so so stress,cant even study,poor girl.drea,well this is the time tt you shouldnt get distracted and study hard.after all the exams den think abt all the stupid stuffs(:love you(:


Thursday, August 21, 2008

MR AH KUN forced me to play bball today,for those ppl who know me,i've broke my ligament abt one month ago(:it's kinda recovering,but i still played bball today(:hmmm,not bad la,my shooting skills is getting better after my ligament tear(:haha,SAMsaid"wah belle your ligament okay alr la la,can play alr la(:"haha,but the both of us feel tt we are like PARIS HILTON,cos we very useless,lazy to run,lazy to block,all we do is a little running and when ppl pass us the ball just shoot(:hahaha.

im glad tt things are half cleared now(:but it's only HALF!!!but it's okay la,im not gg to care anymore,just continue and say and talk what you want,shout also can,tell the whole world also can,for what i care(:yes,i might be sacarstic,but this is how i feel,too least i dont go ard telling tales(:hahahahhahaha(:

TO MY LISTENING EARS(:,i hope you will understand whyn am i still so pissed off and keep making sacarstic remarks.but when time flies,it'll be over,so just let me be sacarstic for the moment(:and im not blogging to offend anyone,unless you feel guilty abt what i've said then you will be affected(:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

looking at the photos in my phone, on my blog with my dearest friends,i've realise tt it's not just a photo,there's always a story behind it,good or bad.something its not what you see.

today i've learnt tt not all friends tt can be trusted,the simple the person is,actually he or she is complicated.have you ever thought that ur friends wont talk behind your back?but the fact is every friends talk behind your back,i will not deny tt i actually talk bad things behind my friends,but one thing is becos they talk abt me first,so it will naturally make me talk bad abt them(: so what i feel bad? they dont feel bad when they talk bad abt me,why should i really care so much? yes i dont care what others say abt me,becos only i can label myself,not others,but this thing will always be in my heart. now i know who are the ones tt are true to me who are not. i'll love those who loves me and treat them not flawless.well...everyone are not flawless but one thing that i can do is to change and move on to be a better person. girl,let's not talk bad anymore,and heck what others say,i know you cant stand it anymore,and you cant be friends with ppl like this,but dont you worry,we arent the ones who talk bad abt ppl,so we are not afraid of confrontation,it will come,sooner or later(: shall wait and see love(: i'll miss you alright?

it's sissy's birthday today,finally a day that mum,sis and i can eat a birthday tgt,this will happen only once in a blue moon.but's okay, better than nth(:


Sunday, August 17, 2008

cool(:im suspended from school till Olvl's.gonna study hard at home,all alone,by myself.haha,(like real) SAM SAM,you must call me if you are gg to study alright?and DREA anything abt bio i will call you and KAMMY,maths i dont knw i also will call you(:yeah(:all my helping stars(:

went out with BABY to town with his friend(:haha.

went fantasie with SAM,SERENE and BUIBOM(:later on CHARMAINE and friends join us on the other table(:haha.after tt BABY came over and look for me,after ktv we went to upper serangoon road to eat(:

watched movie today with BABY,MONEY NOT ENOUGH 2,a very very funny show(:after show went to cindy's hse(:

met up with my dearest girls today(:we were celebrating FENG's bday at arab street,smoked sheesha and slack(: misses them so much.lots of fun cam-whoring(: after sheesha wen to meet BABY and friends at parklane,then movie at PS, meet dave,another retarded show cos the dave look retarded and spastic(:haha.after movie took a cab down to newton circus for supper(:

the bday girl(:


the superman girls,red and blue(:

at parklane(:

newton circus(: