Sunday, November 15, 2009

okay, im damn lazy to blog these days, but anyway just gonna do a brief blogging abt ytd. Went to Circle Wine, met up with LOVE and BABY etc ...
After that wanted to go dam slack but gonna rain, so went over to dam met up with bernie for a good chat with bibi then headed to block 20 to slack with LOVE and BABY.

OHHH!!! and one more thing! Went shopping with LOVE at vivo the other day, she damn power, less than an hour, by shopping on lvl one, she spent bout 200 on clothes! upss! Bought my naraya tissue cover and blazer from tracyeinny(:

Hey, F, there are more and more things coming out from ppl's mouth, just stop denying on what you've said, and please cherish anyone that is still your friend, dont do anything funny and lose them anymore! If you seriously think that you are being misunderstood, then let's just come out and have a good chat abt it(:

Photos will be uploaded asap :D

Monday, November 2, 2009

Literally drunkards party @ fantasie.
Enjoyed my night with my dearest friends.
FeliciaDarling joined us too(:
Obviously my samBABY and sereneLOVE is ard!
Without them wont be that fun.
Didnt drink, so i drank like mineral water(:
Well, love them all! xoxo(: