Thursday, December 30, 2010


Check out dearest Kayelly's Blogshop !

Get your CNY clothings & Vday gifts!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dearest got his liberty and came down to AMKhub to meet me,
so we can have a lil celebration and dineer (:

Okay, this photo confirm not at dinner,
but I didnt snap myself, so....

Went to fish & Co for dinner.

Blue mussels!
With Lemon and butter sauce(:

Danish Fish & Chips

Baked King Prawns with Ebiko(:

Can you expect how nice the food is?
The king prawn is CLEAN-ED!

Thanks sweetheart for the effort (:
Though you are really very tired but you still came all the way down (:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flies like G6.

Yes, time flies like a G6,
dtyt and I are 11th month tgt today.


Share a few old photos that we first took together(:
From the not so close to very close. lol!

Thanks sweet, for all the changes that you've made(:
The sweetest things that you've done.
The lovely things that you've said.
And let me feel my importance towards you, though at times you failed to do so. lol!

Anyway, thousand of words to say,
cut short and hope that 3 words will mean it all.


till the most recent photos ( a nicer one ) LOL!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mum's Bday~

Pizza to celebrate~

Like standard bday cake, Log cake.

Mum's Bday~

Dont you feel dtyt in this photo look like toothless? lol

Merry Crazy Christmas!

Christmas Party @ Adryan's place.
The post will be started with half way Gift exchange game.

Game Master : Zhou Chong Ching (:

The Whole post without me and Dtyt because Im the photographer and his beside me, lol!
Plus some photos are blurred because Im laughing all the way. LOL!

1. Choose a number.

Heng ah~ no Merry Christmas.

2.Merry Christmas = DIE

Still no Merry Christmas

Fei ge, Stress, Cos Wife kana Merry Christmas, Husband do it.

And here we go~ KANA MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Continue stress face

Reading out the punishment~

3. Continue to choose till you get a number.

But sadly, Merry Christmas again. lol!

Still feel stressful~

Reading the punishment again~

Touch the butt~LOL!

Sibei Stress alr

Kana again.

Kiss for 10secs.

See his face, sibei sibei stress. LOL!

The rest enjoying the show~ LOL!

Smell Armpit~

Choose again~

No more~ next!

Meery Chrstmas again


Great big hug~

Big breast with big chest. LOL

Choose number~

Ho Seh, Merry Christmas
Plus the punishment is kana " teh neh neh" LOL!

Dont believe so verified~


Come on, gotta do it~


Choose again~

HEng ah~

This is the HOST : Adryan (:

Merry Christmas is to " Teh Lan pa " LOL

Take off shirt

Smack butt. LOL

Exchanged present, Mine


And this crazy fellow. LOL!

We had so much to laugh about that night, and it was really fun and crazy.
A very nice group to hang around with (:

Thanks for the invite (:
The house is awesome!
It's everyone's dream home~