Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party World @ Vivo City

Met up with Dearest cousins for some KTV session(:
Little Jace came along and dinner with us (:
My dearest baby (: "yi yi" love you.
Probably the first word he will say is " yi yi "
Because Ange and I keep asking him to call us " yi yi " LOL!

Baby Jace

Dtyt (:
Hearts him lots ! :D

Dearest Cousin Ange (:
Little Jace is NOT her child. LOL
It's her sister's.

That's all (:
Benn having bad headache these days,
I think I got brain tumour -.-

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lion Dance @ Buona Vista CC

STS having their performance @ Buona Vista CC (:
Pictures please do the talking(:

Been too busy @ work, shifting office-.-
Burn my weekend and no extra pay-.-

Everybody is busy packing now~