Friday, October 31, 2008

today's biology suppose to be super easy, but i nvr really study for it, sooooo.... im gonna fail i think, but hopefully not.haha, just like any other O's candidate, hope that every school fail so the passing mark will be pulled down.haha.

im suppose to meet my primary schoolmate tonight, but seems like she's not free, and ah ling asked me go zouk. should i? haha.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

oh ya and i forgot to blog abt today... haha. maths paper 2 was reallly easy but... i didnt really study much for it,formula all used wrongly-.-,so, i think maybe i'll get a C5? haha, hopefully it's a B4(: haha. went to commonwealth to interview for job. they asked me lots of questions-.- i wonder why when jerms go they nvr ask her questions... haha... but everything goes quite smoothly during the interview. hopefully can get a job real soon after O's no money alr-.- haha. HEY PEOPLE! STUDY HARD SO WE CAN PLAY HARD AFTER 11 NOV!!!!
went to watch TROPIC THUNDER with baby, sereneLOVE and buibom. the second time double date, seems like baby and buibom are alr good friend best friend forever friend. haha. just enjoy gg out with this two joker(: love serene lots(: and seems like baby is enjoying himself too(:

that day at bishan...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OMFG, i don't understand why some ppl just so not shy. was browsing through some one's blog and realise that her photo and real life is so much diff!!! though i nvr seen her before, but my friends did. makes me wanna puke. they are from that short, tall, fat and ugly clique. -.-

im so sorry, i know that in not perfect, as im short and fat too, but i really cant stand ppl who are ugly and yet wanna photo shop. the least i can do is not to photo shop, at least readers will know how i look like. and i do believe that photos are deceiving. well, anyway she gave me the motivation to go on diet so i wont be like her one day(: just wanna blog abt my feelings. keeping it in my heart makes me uncomfortable(:

Monday, October 27, 2008


WEEE... finally got my lappy, thanks dad(: haha. lots to upload!!!! haha. firstly is the latest, which is today. i bought my laptop, ACER ASPIRE ONE. it's a super mini lappy(: cool.

movie at bishan with sereneLOVE, buibom and BABY(: haha, high school musical 3. not bad, not very boring. just okay la. haha.

then, some updates abt my birthday, and to those who wished me happy birthday by msg, by internet or what, anyway thanks for remembering my birthday. thank you(: and extra thanks to those who bought presents for me(: