Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hey people (: pls help me click click my nuffnang ~ (:

♥ zoo

Had a great day with dearest dTYT and all (: Outing at the ZOO~ Damn cool (: the ppl that we go with make my day. Fun , laughter and joy.

Im learning to use the camera (:
Nice right? taken by me(:


Mbelle,Abel and Ange(:

The sisters~

The cousins~

Kiss the tiger (:

Love love (:
3 retards ~

Ah meng restaurant, $8.90 chicken rice. what sia~

Love the heart garden (:

Hey horse, and it's belle ~

My ugly smile(: LOL

Monday, February 22, 2010

something called ♥

Have you ever love someone?
And now, im in love (: yeah~
I've realise that if you really love someone, you love him/her and their everything. Especially their family(: I love dTYT, and i love his family(: I enjoy myself being tgt with him and his family (: And i've nvr experience this. Im enjoying it (: xoxo <3<3<3<3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

❤ blackberry

Another new love(: Blackberry curve(:
finally a change of phone! I can finally throw away that lousy phone with a going to explode battery :D

wifey's bday

Kammywifey's bday at liquid (:
Bought her a burberry wallet, shared with gracey, kel-ling and alicia(: Hope you like it wifey(:
Sorry i didnt upload much photos because my blogger or laptop sucks, upload too many then cannot upload, wtf.

❤ Godma's place

Ytd, was at godma's place with ange and her family (: Great catch up!! (: love !

Me(: , my aunty, ange, jac and rachel (:
Rachel and Meee(:

Angelia and mbelle(:

❤ cny day 3

Jaslin's hse for steamboat and catch up wit sereneLOVE(:

❤ cny day 2

Benn's hse in the day and liquid in the night (:

Where's kammywifey!!!! lol
My love (:

❤ cny (:

Cny day one at grandma's hse (:

The 4 sisters (: lol.
dearest at grandma's place (:


dTYT is damn sweet, he brought me to singapore's flyers for our early valentine(: Well, everything on that day suppose to be a surprise, but in the end i've already guessed(: lol. anyway we still enjoyed ourselves(: thank you dearest(: thanks for the "surprises" and also the pressies (: xoxo(:

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Been working these days to save up money for my valentine's pressie and also gracey's belated bday gift(: then gonna chiong work for another week for KammyWifey's bday gift! (: anyway i wanna here by thanks my kel-ling for being there for me whenever i need her most(: and also gracey for helping me in my relationship which i feel so blessed now (: thanks to the both of them (: wifey will always be my dearest love that be there for me when i need her most (: and yifengMEIMEI that i always love and dote her most (: My samBABY and sereneLOVE, never leave me since the day we are bff(: love to all my gfs(:

Friday, February 5, 2010


I've been spending hours trying to upload at least a photo of gracey's bday pictures, but blogger or lappy or both doesnt allow me to do that and it's seriously pissing me off! GREAT!!! I think there will be lesser and lesser photos being updated in my blog. It'll be so wordy~


I've nvr felt this before but im sure im in love with someone that loves me more than anything.
When you really love someone, you will nvr find flaws in him because love make him or her beautiful (: And i've found.
Love makes him say and do silly things without realising(: which is so cute (:
My love, TAN YITAN (: