Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i must say, baby always so sweet(: i just love him plenty(: such a gem(: though we have a little misunderstanding last night... but still it will nvr get worst cos baby loves me so he dont flare at me(: haha. well i shouldnt praise him so much alr, later he'll fly. haha.was at novena ytd with baby, liang and jerms. well, went prawn fishing last night.haha. jerms caught the biggest prawn among the three. haha. yes! they only caught three prawn for the whole fcuking hours. haha. lousy lousy lousy. tsk tsk. after prawning, went over to sar hse slack till morning. watched movie, spent the whole night watching tv. then home sweet home...(:

at bishan to novena...


it was this black at first, then this black...

end of the day.

jerms said i look like im gg hiking(:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

cafe del mar, cindy's place.

went to vivo den cafe del mar. celebrate jamie's belated birthday. had alot of fun(: ben and jerry's as her birthday cake, cool right. hahaha. andrea so irritating, she's so against me. bias sia. but nvm la, i still love her(: hahaha.well, after a long day,went to meet up with baby and friends. drinking day again, at cindy's place. one bottle of chivas and one bottle of JD. they are insane.

the birthday girl.

the "cake"

cafe del mar.

the melted ice cream.

fish food(:

at cindy's place...

the puta baby.

this is me and jerms.

baby and luna.

bro(at the back of the photo), baby and puta baobao(:


we are playing 007(: BANG!!!

went to vivo use toilet come back. lame. supoose to watch movie, but no more timing. that's so sad.
me, myself and i.


baby:" see what see?" bro:" sorry!!!"

oh noooo...