Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi! It's time for me to list what I want for my bday and my dearest lovely friends will try and fulfill my wishes:) Which will be hard for you guys as I'm kinda brand conscious :) heeee

1. Moneyyyyyy!!!
2. iPad
3. Ferragamo hair band
4. Prada/ Miu Miu bag :)
5. Longchamp handbag (black/navy)
6. Watch
7. Marc Jacobs bag
8. Anklet
9. Chanel earrings !!!
10. Buy me a package to do nails or hair! HAHA!
11. A new pouch to put my cigarettes
12. A new make up pouch
13. A new gucci lanyard
14. Burberry phone pouch
15. Perfume :)

I'll say thanks first!!! Haha!

Happy 21st kel-ling:)

Been ages since I updated my blog. Lol! Finally got those photos from kel-ling:) her 21st bday photos:) hope she had her fun and love the present Gracey and I gave her:) love you babe:)