Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Blues

Why Sunday blues?
Because all my current classmates are chiong-ing to do their assignment and so am I. LOL

My assignment is only copy and paste from website and referencing,
so like within an hour, everything is done.

Maybe i'll just fail my assignment. LOL!

With Muneer and Jackson @ SMU diong our assignment(:

This is Muneer, he act serious only.
Actually post for me to take photo. LOL

This is Jackson, act one " Bu yao pai wo " LOL!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy
Been busy at work and also in school,
so I guessed my blog gonna rot.
Finally got the time to blog but no pictures will be uploaded as Im actually using blogger during work. LOL!
Assisgnments are piling up,
so are the group projects from school.
Recently there's these two bitches that I didnt expect to be the f bitches in my life.
Both disgust me and I really feel like slapping their face whenever I see them,
okay, maybe one of them i feel like slapping her face,
because she make use of ppl and all.
Plus, I dont unsertand why simple english words she also cannot read,
I dare not say my english is good,
but the least I can do is read simple english.
Shame on you.
okay, enough of ranting,
only my gfs know who am I talking about (:
Gfs are still the best, they know me inside out (: