Wednesday, July 28, 2010


FINALLY finish my biz law assignment!
One more stats assignment to go and Im free!
till exams. LOL!

I've got no more new photos taken with dtyt!
Gotta cam whore this weekend! (:
Am waiting for dtyt's call now, superb tired.
I need to stay awake just to listen to his voice, it's enough.
He's super late today):
I miss dtyt!

Hey sweetheart! HAPPY 6TH MONTHSARY(:
Thank you so so much for everything.
Those lil surprises that you gave me.
Having telepathy with you is the greatest thing on earth.
You are the sweetest love ever(:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Been busy working these days, finally got the time so gotta do some blogging(:
I like my new job, though it's tiring, but at least it's interesting(:
Have you ever see Taiyo product? Im doing it now~ LOL!
This school- work- school- work is really damn f tired-.-
Plus assignment due date is nearing. die.

Kinda miss dtyt. Okay, not kinda, is very. LOL!

My office table~ LOL!

Using tattoo machine to draw my name on pig skin(: LOL!
This is yi zhan's
And his tattoo kit. LOL!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a day.
By right, today's planning,
-City plaza
- Hokkaido Fair
- Ikea

Then changed to,
-City plaza
-Cousin's Chalet

In the end,
-City plaza
-Plaza Sing

Plans kept changing today. Places dtyt and i suppose to go today, we did not. In the end, the time we spent was like .... whatever.

Well, Im home on a saturday night, dtyt is out studying for his test on monday. Good luck sweetheart(: You can do it(: And Im waiting for him to be back (:

Did my lashes at City plaza Indulgence.
My dearest Sweetheart(:

Went to Daiso and bought something interesting (:
A cutie cake(: LOL!

And can you guess what it is for???

It's a Kitchen Sponge! Damn f cute lar~
So we decided to buy it and clean our dishes with this! (:

There's also sponge bear and froggie(:
Though it's expensive to get a $2 Kitchen Sponge, but it's just irresistible(:LOL!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Dearest tyt, i miss you badly ): okay, i know it's a everyday thingy. LOL!
Every weekend we'll act like we are just tgt.
Every time we'll act like we've not seen each other for ages.
When we meet, we'll say things like "hello" "how are you?" "long time no see"
We're just like a pair of crazy couple(:LOL!
We'll hug each other tightly and hold each other hands tightly whenever we meet(:
Deeply in love really make you do stupid, retarded things and say silly stuff(:
My best employer will definitely be dtyt(: LOL!
Hearts you many sweetheart(:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My crazy retard boyf(:
Dtyt! I miss you): Weekends just not enough for me.
Been looking forward to weekend everyday~

Yi Ting's 20th Birthday(:

Was at Kovan Centre, Pub 88.
Private Room, small but cosy(:
Belle, Yiting the bday girl and Dada~
Belle and Yiting.

The new Love Birds.
CSM 74th intake Classmates(:

Yiting, boyf and friends.

Hey dearest girl, hope you enjoy your night(:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dtyt made a pair of room key for me(:
It's RED!!!
So next time i can just open his room door (: LOL!
Thanks sweetheart(:

Then to Kenneth's 21st Birthday(:

Best part of the day. LOL!
I was so sick these days, having very bad tummy ache-.-
I was trying to rush, so i can bath and sleep,
in the end, i fell right outside the toilet-.-
Hurt my butt and hands ):

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I miss dearest boyfriend ):
I want boyfriend to be with me ):
): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ):