Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday.

Thought that Management class on wednesday was boring because there's a mock test.
Did not study AT ALL.
But turn out that last minute studies do help a lil and got a just pass for the paper(:

Then here comes the happy thing that worth to celebrate(:
Management Group Project,

First time getting a distinction for group project,
well done group members!

Alicia, Grace and Pricilla(:

So We decided to give ourselves a lil treat @ Chinatown Traditional Dessert house.
And Traditional Dessert gone wrong. LOL!

Then to Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge for our "dinner"
So it's obvious that our meal gone wrong too, lol!

After all, Wednesday is just not as bad as I thought it was(:
And it's Thursday !
It's Gracey's TURBO THURSDAY! lol!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Burberry,

We first met at ION Burberry,
after a week and I started to miss you ):

I wanna have you by my side.
I want you badly.

Any nice soul? Help me find my Burberry Haymarket.

Damn it, Im so in love with this Red Haymarket -.-

I think it's damn chio but dtyt think that it's ugly ):

Randomly, I just wanna rant about the STUPID STARHUB!!!
All the telemarketers like sleeping or what? Why dont they answer calls???

Irritating sia~


This Maggie is damn addictive and super nice!
Just wanna share it with all my friends ^.^

There's stir- fried clams inside, and it's real baby clams,
not those dried clams or what-so-ever.

Mix with the chilli paste seasoning is like WOoowOOoo~~~~

And this maggie only can be found in 711,
which I've been going to every 711 to look for ^.^

This silver packet is the baby clams,
you need to place it on top of your noodle while waiting for your noodle to be cooked.

Drain the water out,
put the seasoning and the baby clams,

The SiBei addictive maggie that I've ever ate.

Fengfengg said that the taste is unique,
so it's for you to decide ^.^

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet Saturday.

Love these two photo(:

@ Laselle, 15 Minutes.

Dtyt's Steak

My Agilo olio (:

Iphone 4

Finally, got my iphone and now, Im officially a apple user ^.^
No need to borrow dtyt's iphone anymore (:
No more lousy connections with Blackberry (:
No more boring bus/MRT rides(:
Tweet whenever I want(:

So much to play with this phone,
got the black one now, but the white iphone 4 more chio.

So I think I'll get the white one, once my plan is up(:
Hopefully mum will allow me to give the black iphone to dtyt by then,
so we can Facetime ( Video call ) LOL!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Been enjoying too much of lil "luxury life" these few weeks.
And Im kinda addicted to visit the saloon for wash and blow for my hair ^.^

I've been spending money prodigiously -.-
And I just went to do my nails yesterday with fengfengg after we booked our FTT.

The test date is like woooo.... Damn longggggg~~~
Next year Feb-.-
Yes, back to nails, we did it @ Far East Plaza and it's express Mani and Pedi.
And guess how much???

It's just f $6 for Mani and $8 for Pedi, damn cheap right?
Though her skill not as good as those expensive one, but at least is passable, not those like the few ugliest nails that I've ever done, one at City Plaza another at Bedok.

Dtyt called me yesterday while im doing my nails, and I was like " Hello~ Im doing my nails also LOL!" and he was like " These few weeks you like enjoy hor? Massage, wash hair , do nails" LOL! I think like funny lehhh~ LOL! Cos usually I dont go for massage or wash hair at the saloon.

So I spend my day with fengfengg gossiping all the way. LOL! love her (:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mum and bf day(:

Thought I could get my Iphone 4 yesterday,
first, was my dad, he's like on the run when I asked him for my birthday present (iphone)

Finally he gave me the money,
then Singtel Dua me -.-

So in the end, did not sign for a iphone and did nothing @ AMKhub-.-

Anyway went to MOF Japanese Cafe, sweets and coffee with mummy and dtyt.

My Iced Cafe Mocha

Mum's Cafe Latte

Dtyt's Iced Green tea with caramel sauce

Dtyt's Salmon Mayo Kani

My Potato salad which I forgot to take photo before I eat

Dtyt (:

Random post,
My office table,
confirm messy, I need to put my things to the next table alr -.-

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So in the end,
I decided to change the whole blog skin and attempt the new blogger lay out (:

Monday, November 15, 2010

How to solve this problem?!?!?!?

Using Google Chrome,
the blog looks perfectly find.

But internet explorer then like shitzZzzZ -.-

Anyone? Help?

Google Chrome

Internet explorer

JB Trip 2.
Attempt to "explore"

The first time going to Malaysia alone with dtyt(:
So we decided to go to the places that we've gone to first,
which is the first stop, City Square.

Teh Sarabat for our branch (:

While waiting for our food to be served,

Love the retarded phtos taken~

Curry chicken and Nasi Briyani(:

The way he eat, like damn tasty sia~~

I like the retard photo(:


Massage @ The Store
We "explored" this shopping centre. LOL!

Look closely, the playground at the background is a Swimming pool!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hey peeps, guessed that you've all heard about the slashing cases,
the Downtown east case and also the Bukit Panjang case.

I know I gotta be very careful with my words here and actually I feel very sad about all these.

Im not gonna take sides but I just want to say something fair about the downtown case.

Actually both side are at fault,
let's say IF the victim did not die,
who will blame the murders as much as now?

I dont know what's the stories is about.
But one thing I know is it takes two hands to clap.

Im sorry for the victim who died.
I also pity those who did the killing, MAYBE they are not intentionally to kill.

Whatever it is, it's just very scary.

Dearest friends!

Please be careful! The Bukit Panjang case slashes bystanders too.

Ps: Anyway I got no intention to side anyone and no offence, just spilling what I thought of.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

LMAO Friday.

Watched Jackass with dtyt and friends.
it's a R21 show ^.^ LOL!
Suprisingly, Im able to get in (:

It's damn nice~ They did crazy stuff and it's like,
" WTF! who the hell will do that?!?!? "

I remember one part is the sweat cocktail,
I almost vomited.

They asked this fat guy to exercise then collect his sweat from every part of his body,
then another guy drink it. it's like crazy~ thinking of it now makes me wanna puke. eWwww...

Then got this guy sitting behind me, damn not auto sia~ He laughed and kicked my seat at the same time-.- got so funny meh? Like damn irritating only~ After the movie I heard him telling his friends " I laugh till I got no voice alr " and I just got that urge to tell him" Ya, and you kicked my chair till very song ma~ " -.-

This show really fantastic, I wonder, wont they get angry with each other? ALL the punching and all the pranks.