Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi! It's time for me to list what I want for my bday and my dearest lovely friends will try and fulfill my wishes:) Which will be hard for you guys as I'm kinda brand conscious :) heeee

1. Moneyyyyyy!!!
2. iPad
3. Ferragamo hair band
4. Prada/ Miu Miu bag :)
5. Longchamp handbag (black/navy)
6. Watch
7. Marc Jacobs bag
8. Anklet
9. Chanel earrings !!!
10. Buy me a package to do nails or hair! HAHA!
11. A new pouch to put my cigarettes
12. A new make up pouch
13. A new gucci lanyard
14. Burberry phone pouch
15. Perfume :)

I'll say thanks first!!! Haha!

Happy 21st kel-ling:)

Been ages since I updated my blog. Lol! Finally got those photos from kel-ling:) her 21st bday photos:) hope she had her fun and love the present Gracey and I gave her:) love you babe:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's over!

Finally exams are over and it's partaye time baybeh!

Came back to work today, lotsa shit work to do. Feeling extremely tired because of the sleepless night cause by the stupid cough for the past 1 week.

Today <3dtyt txt ms during work asking me to smoke less because of my cough, for the first time he actually care for me during his working hours. Lol! Okay, because usually he'll be v busy and will not txt or call me during working hours,but today he did! Maybe because he don't always do it tt's why he's sweet:)

I feel so loved:) surrounded by family, girlfriends, <3dtyt and my classmates!

Thanks dearest!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Everyday I'm studying.

Yes, it's national day and I'm at SMU studying.

Exams start tmr, I still can't get a single thing into my head. Imma so dead. Last night to chiong alr. #FML

Monday, August 8, 2011

Girls I <3 the most :)

I miss my girlfriends:( can't wait for exams to be over and plan a meet up again:) <3 you all!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Everyday I'm studying

Exams ard the corner, so am studying at SMU everyday till exams are over. Please be over!

Members: Rome, munni, Ali and xh.
Missing: Jackson & Stan. Lol!

Monday, August 1, 2011


My boss force me to wear mask in office because I keep coughing like don't know what.

Am having meeting now though. And I'm blogging at the same time. Lol! Multi-task eh. Lol!
如果要演戏,就演得好一点。谢谢。要假假,就假假 all the way :)
I feel guilty to say nasty things to ppl. I'm actually very nice. But some ppl like to climb over my head. Oh well... Everyone have their limits, don't push.

I'm beating ard the bushes. DUH!

You know when you don't like someone, it's very obvious. And when that person walking towards you, you will try to "Siam" that person. Oh well, what's wrong? If you DON'T LIKE PPL TO GET NEAR YOU THEN GO HOME!! DONT COME OUT OK! don't act like a kid and be a retard. Worst, you are quite old alr uh? Oh well, don't hesitate to contact me, if you think I'm talking about you:) who else? The person who " Siam " knows it well enough:) if you are guilty, then you will THINK that I'm referring to you uh? I'm so sorry, but I just don't have the practice to let you know str at your face. I like to beat ard the bushes. Sound fun isn't it?  and and if you are stalking me then you will read this :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

S = Sunday = Study

GeoTagged, [N1.33539, W103.85339]

Yes, exams is ard the corner and we are all planning to study at sMu again. This one last round. Faster finish faster eff off! Yes!


I just realize the photo abit too big uh. Lol!

After a long long time

Heyo! After a long long time! Finally I'm blogging again! Through my phone! Yay!  so actually I don't know how to use, I'm just trying out:)

Went out with <3dtyt ytd, had our Japanese meal at ion. Yes! ITACHO SUSHI!!!!
Queue damn long, things damn expensive, food damn nice! ^.^ the photo shows my chio hair done by <3 dtyt :) <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heart to Heart

Met up with Gracey and Kammywifey last night at Brad Mac to collect the clothes we ordered from causeway mall ^.^

Somehow dont know why, the colour came out like abit different from what I ordered>.<

But still I love it! But the size abit too small, or I fat? LOL!

Also had a heart to heart talk with my girls,

as usual, just gossip only.

So this explain why am I late for work today T.T

I've set alarm clock and all, just cannot wake up only.

Sieh sian, tonight got school.

No fire alr, last sem. LOL!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweetest Baby Jace

Baby Jace 1yr old bday is coming~

What should I buy for my lil nephew?

Any suggestion?

He's like a lil star, always shining,

so adorable!

Dtyt dote on him alot too! LOL!

Much love!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Da Panda that knows Kungfu.

Went to watch Kungfu Panda the other day with dtyt(:

Sieh funny, but I nvr watch part one. -.-

Anyway, the more I look at the Panda,

the more I feel that it looks like dtyt'd youngest brother YiFu.LOL!

Cos YiFu got that lil big stomach too! LOL!

Plus you see Kungfu Panda's "Shorts",

is like exactly the kind of "shorts" that YiFu usually wears. LOL!

I kept telling dtyt that the Panda look like his brother,

then he keep laughing. LOL!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

@ Work.

On the right of the photo is my table @ work.

So obviously im super messy because I've placed all my stuff on my colleague's table.

How nice! LOL!

There's so much to do. Hate filings!

But, I got one whole stack of paper work to do.

My aim is to finish it by tmr before lunch.

Today, Im gonna do all the printing and shipping stuff (:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Always my love.

Can't wait to see dtyt every weekend(:

Maybe because we dont get to see each other everyday,

that's why we always cant wait to see each other whenever he book out (:

Alright, enough of dtyt(:

Waiting for Gracey to upload the photos that all of us took last night(:

With Kammywifey, Fengmei(:

Of cos my xoxo Gossip girls are also my love!

Monday, June 6, 2011

So much to do.

There's so Much to do.

Monday- Work-School-Home

Tuesday- Work-Meet Zhan- Meet gfs - Home

Wednesday-Work - Home

Thursday- Work-School-Home

Friday- Work- School- Meet Dtyt

Saturday- Spent time w Dtyt

Sunday- Jerome's Wedding

Im planned for this week. LOL!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Da Big Red Bomb.

Last night I've received a Big Red Bomb from classmate Jerome.
It's gonna held @ Sentosa Cove.
And guess what? Entrance to Sentosa it's free!!! LOL!!!

Gracey and I gonna share this bomb tgt. LOL!

People said looks are deceiving,

but they nvr say words are deceiving too.

Some things, it's better to left unsaid.

But human nature is...

when you know something gone wrong,

you wanna find out more.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Knowing it all.

Looking at how others do, I kinda regret for what I've done.

Im just too selfish, and I know if I dont do that,

it is not the best for me but doesnt mean that it is the worst too.

Maybe these explain why am I so crazy.

Im so sorry.

Friday, May 27, 2011


An unspoken rule.

Distance your best guy friend when he got himself a gf.

It's not about " So what he got a gf? Then cannot be friends meh?" or " Why his gf like that? Friends only ma"

But please, which gf like her bf to be damn close with a girl? If you were the gf, will you like it?

Think for others, dont make yourself look so shameless.

Okay, I just suddenly feel like saying these, dont know why. LOL!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yes, thank god it's friday, so I can meet my girlfriends for some gossip session.

Love GraceYoz and KammyWifey~

of cos Fengfeng la! LOL!

Laugh like hell. LOL!

Drink a lil, let the blood circulate a lil. (:

You know, Im lazy to describe every single thing, so let the pictures do the talking (:

Too bad Fengmei didnt join us~

Next outing to be planned soonn~~ with Fengmei!

New Love.

Finally bought a camera for myself!

Love Love Love it!!!

It's red! And it's from Canon!

It's Canon Ixus 220~~~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Finally exams are over and it's time to partayeee~~~

Last thursday, Shanghai Dolly and Lunar with secondary schoolmates and MIS classmates.

Friday, Black and White @ Soul.

Thursday make up gao gao, Friday is confirm chui chui la~ LOL!

So let the photos do the talking~

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Woah, my blog is rotting.
I'm back to clear the webs lol!!!
I wont be having much time to blog and also exams are coming-.-
I hope that this time round, everything goes smoothly.
Just want to finish all these ASAP!!!!
So many things happen, so many conclusion to jump to. LOL!
whatever~ life still have to go on, with or without you.
Well, I've got nothing else to talk about.
Removed my lash extension for a month alr(:
How do I look like without my lashes? LOL!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Blues

Why Sunday blues?
Because all my current classmates are chiong-ing to do their assignment and so am I. LOL

My assignment is only copy and paste from website and referencing,
so like within an hour, everything is done.

Maybe i'll just fail my assignment. LOL!

With Muneer and Jackson @ SMU diong our assignment(:

This is Muneer, he act serious only.
Actually post for me to take photo. LOL

This is Jackson, act one " Bu yao pai wo " LOL!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy
Been busy at work and also in school,
so I guessed my blog gonna rot.
Finally got the time to blog but no pictures will be uploaded as Im actually using blogger during work. LOL!
Assisgnments are piling up,
so are the group projects from school.
Recently there's these two bitches that I didnt expect to be the f bitches in my life.
Both disgust me and I really feel like slapping their face whenever I see them,
okay, maybe one of them i feel like slapping her face,
because she make use of ppl and all.
Plus, I dont unsertand why simple english words she also cannot read,
I dare not say my english is good,
but the least I can do is read simple english.
Shame on you.
okay, enough of ranting,
only my gfs know who am I talking about (:
Gfs are still the best, they know me inside out (:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party World @ Vivo City

Met up with Dearest cousins for some KTV session(:
Little Jace came along and dinner with us (:
My dearest baby (: "yi yi" love you.
Probably the first word he will say is " yi yi "
Because Ange and I keep asking him to call us " yi yi " LOL!

Baby Jace

Dtyt (:
Hearts him lots ! :D

Dearest Cousin Ange (:
Little Jace is NOT her child. LOL
It's her sister's.

That's all (:
Benn having bad headache these days,
I think I got brain tumour -.-

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lion Dance @ Buona Vista CC

STS having their performance @ Buona Vista CC (:
Pictures please do the talking(:

Been too busy @ work, shifting office-.-
Burn my weekend and no extra pay-.-

Everybody is busy packing now~