Sunday, June 29, 2008

school sucks,now i've to wake up early everyday): i used to sleep in the morning and wake up in the evening,this is so fcuk up!!! kammy complain tt i dont update my blog,but girl you must understand,COM SPOIL LONG AGO!!!hahaha.i've many many photos to upload,but i think will be some other days(: weiliang is crazy today,he made everyone of us crazy too,cousin was very angry with him too.met up with andrea dear, kammy darling and yifeng dear today,miss them so much(: we were talking abt some ppl who are jealous over my dearest andrea,GOSH!someone,pls,you dont knw drea well so you dont have the rights to judge her,yes,you might not be talking abt her,but is like kinda obvious la.pls make sure you dont do tt again is like kinda lame must knw,what are blogs for?it's a online dairy,she can just post abt her feelings,not like you didnt blog abt your feelings right?

well drea,kammy and elle(: i love you lots la(: to be updated soon which is soon,as in soon(:haha