Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did my nails ytd at Summer sweet nails with SereneLOVE and Elaine.

Price: $108 package.
Include: 3 Full Mani and 3 Full Pedi.

Sea salt: $3.

Bring your own blings and pay for service charge: $3 !!!

Total I paid : $42

Shared the packsge with my two dearest friends.
Well, so if you would like to do your nails there, please make an appt with them (:

180 Bencoolen St #01-58
The Bencoolen.
Tel: 68849626
Tell them you are belle's friend and enjoy $36 for your Full Pedi and Mani (:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Wild Wild Wet with dtyt (: LOL! Was quite weird but it was qutie fun too (: At least it's a time for just the both of us(:

The Basil Inn at downtown east (:
It's a thai restaurant.
Food? I LIKE!
Price? Affordable!
Traditional Papaya Salad (: ~~~

Pineapple Rice (:
A finished Tom yum soup (: LOL!
Forgot to take photo before i eat. LOL!

Sheryl! Enough update bo? LOL!
Okay, as what sheryl wanted, update(: LOL!
Sakae Sushi at compass point with dtyt, Mr 9, Mr 53 and wei jian (:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here, my nake face with my fake lashes. LOL! Okay, I've been running into the toilet 4times today and i guess there's something wrong with me. LOL! Plus my left eye is hurting me): Seems like there's a cut on my eye ball, whenever i move my eye ball, it really hurts ): How i wish that dtyt was here. He'll take care of me and treat me extremly sweet and caring(: LOL! Though he is really sweet and nice normally , but I like the way he take care of me (: >.< I'll like get all the privileges (: LOL! Thank you sweet(: LOVE and MISSES!

Back home (: dtyt back to camp (: LOL! poor thing, but he'll be having his off from monday night all the way till friday(: YAY! But i'll be lonely on weekend): LOL!

Tmr, Lesson Accounting. Hope it's not boringgggg(: Gracey, SamanthaL and MadelineT, see you all tmr in school (: Actually I dont even know that if my CSM marketing pass or not -.- Gotta check it out tmr (:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Had Ban Mian for supper. LOL! Thank you dtyt for my supper(: love (: Waited for him the whole night, well, now he is out again, and im not gonna wait. off to bed now (: good night (:
ps: I will not sleep till like the whole bed is mine!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You know i miss you right?
I miss you asking me to bath and get ready to meet you on weekdays.
Then we'll go amk or tpy to have our dinner. (: You will go for your training and i'll go for my jog(:
Now? I've gotta be alone. Train down to brad myself to meet gracey the train back home.
Luckily I've still got you, you acc me talk on the phone till I reach home, till you fall asleep(:
2 more nights to see you again. One night with you and 5 nights again ):
Sucky. If you were to book out on wednesday night, I cant meet you because bloody hell I got school.
Im gg crazy. I MISS YOU~~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HongKong Cafe with SereneLOVE today at kovan(: Had a short catch up, but main thing is to check out how badly her hair was done. I felt guilty because i was the one who told her where to relax. And? I got her hair into deep shit-.- She chopped off her hair because it was all spoiled at the end): Im sorry love, i dont know how can i help you,anyway no matter what you still look good with short hair, just tt you look kiddy now (:

Actually im feeling abit unwell ): Maybe the weather affects me, tt's why keep feeling unwell -.-


Ai mei ahhhhh~~~

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You know some ppl are lucky enough to born in rich family and they dont have to trouble about money issues. And some work hard for it. So i can say that im not from a rich family, so i need to work hard for my moneyyyy~~~ Tell myself, there are ppl who are even worst than me. So i shouldnt grumble about dad losing all his money and couldnt pay my school fees. Grumble about me being lazy and choosy for not having a job. Asking my mum why she didnt strike lottery when she invest so much. For my school fees, i wanna work! I need a job! So anyone? Job Intro? Arghhhhhhhhh~~~~~~

Looking forward to saturday (: At least now something to keep me motivated, dtyt (: How i wish that i can see him everyday, but anyway talk to him every night is more than enough. Better than not talking and not seeing him.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I miss dtyt ):
I miss him hugging me to sleep~~
I miss his kiss~~~
I just miss him laaaaa~~~~

School is starting soon(: excited sia(: gonna meet gracey for run laterrrr~~~~