Monday, April 26, 2010

Above, another photo of the photoshoot (:

Gonna meet gracey for jog later (: Then do some catch up and all(:

Wont be able to see dtyt till friday): Will miis him much ):

School is starting soon and I still dont know abt my results for my Marketing ): Hopefully I will pass and move on to my Dip(:


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photoshoot at Labrador Park. Anyway thanks kel-ling for sending me the pics, though she doesnt wanna send me -.- LOL! and Anson Photography(:

Above, My two fav.
Below, Also my fav as well as kel-ling's fav(:

Doesnt like the fake smile here.

Gracey's hardwork. She tied this huge bun for me (: LOVE IT~

Had alot of fun Bowlinggg again~~~ With dtyt,gracey and kenneth.
Got a strike. Yes, just one strike. LOL!
Bet : Can drinks.
belle and dtyt vs gracey and kenneth.
Bet: One Pack of Cigg
belle and dtyt vs gracey and kenneth.
MB and TYT WON!!!

LOL! Look like KUKU~~~

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wanted to blog abt bowling with dtyt, gracey and kenneth. But but~ i cant rotate the photos-.- Anyway another 2hrs 30 mins to see my sweet again (: Watching xia yi zhan, xing fu now(: Yes i know start a little late, but it's really damn nice (: LOL!

Anyway, how's my bangs~ side or bangs nicer? Guess im sucha boring person, either bangs or side, tt's what i always have. LOL!
Labrador Park with kel-ling and xinyee(: Photo shooting, really kinda tiring, i wonder how my kel-ling did it almost every weekend. Hey hey, Labrador park is a dangerous place, old man talking abt sex during broad daylight, topless man climbing up to girl's toilet and peep. WTF!!! So girls, careful if you are scolling down labrador park(: Am waiting for kel-ling to send me those ugly photos that i've shoot(: LOL! And check out my stiff-ness(: LOL!

There's more photo but im lazy to upload (:

Friday, April 2, 2010

You know it doesnt feel good to see someone using the same blogskin as you, but whatever~

And it doesnt feel good when ppl are enyjoing during their P.H and weekends and you gotta study like f. Why does supp paper gotta be on monday? Everyone got monday blues right?

Kammywifey is so nice(: Accompanied me to study till late last night, not only wifey but also gracey and kenneth(: Both dearest, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (:

Wifey and wh, thanks for sending me home last night, kel-ling, thanks for trying your best to help me (: LOVE TO BOTH OF YOU TOO~