Thursday, January 29, 2009


yes is alittle late(: haha,
but it's still chinese new year now(:

well, i shall let the pictures do the talking(:
firstly, Day ONE(:
Ange Lee,Abel Lee,Jac Lee and Mbelle Lee(:
the LEEs family(:
sorry, no photos taken on Day TWO(: teehee(:

no where to go so....

played hold'em at void deck.
we've got chips! no longer need pepper and salt(:
Indian poker.
the person who lose, "kana ji"
check out shawn's face(:

Winner, Brian Ong(:
we played games frm abt 1130pm to abt 930 am(:
cool yeah?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


went to do my nails then
went out shopping with sister to buy CNY clothings(:
met baby in town with brian at first,
jing yang and ben join us later on(:
slack ard in town then move on to kovan mac.
guang yi,gab and shawn came down to meet us too(:
played hold'em with pepper and salt as our chips(: haha.
ard morning 4 plus 5, we went to the nearest multi storey carpark
and played catching,ha, what a life(:
playing hold'em

check out the pepper and salt(:

jing yang lost and was dare to get 20 cups of water frm mac(:

it was a long long day(:
painted my hse door(:
and it's pink!
gosh, i think i'll faint when i see pinkish things again.
painted the door like for 5 to 6 hrs?
but overall was still alright, just dont give a close look.haha.

frm cleaning the door

mixing the paint well

painting the door

the differences

and DONE!

all thanks to baby, my sister,her bf benn and myself(:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

met up with dearest samBABY today(:
was really happy to see her.
although i just acc her to do hair,
by sitting there doing nth and just talk to her,
really satisfying(:
what a great day(: enjoyed myself,really(:
after meeting samBABY,
went to hougang ave 8 to meet baby.
went to find brian and gab and acc them cos they cutting hair.
oh yes! hair again.haha.
today is a hairy day! haha.
samBABY made my day(: haha.LOVES!
misses sereneLOVE too,
seems like she's so far away frm me all of the sudden.
(anyway is not something bad abt sereneLOVE,
so it's okay and ppl who dont understand,
doesnt matter.
stirctly, dont ask me(:*teehee(:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i cant stop myself,
i bear grudges.
that's just too bad(:
those ppl i expect that stand by me,
said that im wrong.
(i did admit i am but....(i dont really blame them either))
those ppl who i dont expect them to side me,
understands me.
what the fcuk?
i will not forget this incident.
it had made a great impact in my life.
i have sleepless night,
and i hate myself to be like that.
this will be the end of this shitty.
dont ask me anything.
i dont knw why(:
keep this to yourself,
if you love me,
remember just dont ask me anything,
dont remind me this shit(:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

im happy for those who passed their O's.
well, i didnt did well.
so i think i shall not post my results.
anyway, went to cut and do my hair after results(:

BEFORE i cut my hair

AFTER i cut my hair

my dearest clique(:


Saturday, January 10, 2009

misunderstanding are becos of lack of understanding.
conflicts are becos of stubbornly holding on to one's view.
listening more can resolve misunderstandings.
talkking less can avoid conflicts.
seeing through other ppl's eye's is a definite must.
suddenly i just feel like being alone.
yet, im afraid of loneliness.
what's the problem with me?
dont ask me why, i dont knw the answer too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

well, as what you all can see, we are at the fish farm! fishing for fish? no no no, it's prawns! it's at pasir ris farmway 2. prawns there are big and nice, easy to catch. it's $24(i think so,cant remember but it's ard there) per rod for 2.5hrs(:

my fun time with baby and the buiboms(:

this is a small one(:

this is what you do when you are bored(:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

hopefully 3 happy friends will stay happy always.
a big group of good friend is hard to manage.
there will be only more quarrels and unhappiness-.-
how's my new blogskin?
special thanks to myself and also Miss Jkong for teaching me(: