Wednesday, December 31, 2008

firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to andreaG(:

sencondly i want to make myself and any other that had a doubt with this issue clear that i DID NOT SAY THAT I DONT WANT TO RETURN agathaD'ling HER CAMERA!

it goes like this,she wants to get it back frm me cos her brother wants to use it, but i said that leave it temp with me and when i got the money i will buy it back frm her. then she said that she dont wish to sell it anymore cos her brother is willing to pay for the charger( so am i) and wants to use it, so i did nego with her, till she said that wants me to return to her by monday, so i agree with her, yet on the other side, her brother called me and make it sounds like i dont want to return, the way he speaks like he was really agitated and did not give me a chance to explain, but now come to think abt it, no point explaining, the more i explain the more ppl will think that i dont want to return.and obviously this post isnt explaining but more of trying to make myself and any other clear abt this issue.

and agathaD'ling, just to let you know that im not angry with anything or what cos its yours anyway, but your brother called me that time is really pissing me off, im not trying to say that i dont like your brother call me or what just that since we alr settled the issue alr then why must he still make the call? right? and one more thing that im angry abt is that you said that make sure is still in good condition, and definitely it is but why must you put it as MAKE SURE? so IF it's not you are gg to ask me to pay? think abt the camera background, it's not i want to say anything, what if somehow you gonna tell me that the camera had a scratch at the side and want me to pay that kinda thing,like how would i know if the scratch was long ago or is it i make one? maybe there's a nicer way of saying understand what im saying or not?you always say that you will change for the better, it's good, and yes everyone thinks that you did change, but the way you talk still somehow the same,change it to a better way of saying k?and dont forget your sense of urgency, you get what i mean? everything is important, you see towards the skirt,no hurry, towards the camera by hook by crook have to get it. no offence for blogging this post, i just want to make it clear and write out how i feel.

and anyway, the how it goes that part was just a roughly what happen, if agathaD'ling you think there's something that i wrote wasnt right just let me know and i will change it(:and the purpose of writing this post is to show agathaD'ling how i feel,clear the air and this is the way how i vent my anger on(:and i still call you "agathaD'ling" is cos that before that it was just a moment of anger and really pissed. and you said that why serene got LOVE at the back yours dont have, now i think of one for you alr, dont say im not fair.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

great thanks to sereneLOVE and samBABY for being my listening ear, and much thanks for the christmas present. though i've alr lost mine, but i'll find it asap(:*teehee(:

met up with my two dearest today with two gay pals, baby and buibom(: dinner at hong kong cafe(: hmmm, like what samBABY say was right, though it was just a small conversation among the three of us, but still we do quick updates with each other. do meet up soon kay loves?

anyway samBABY, hope your mummy will get a speedy recovery and will be as fit as a fiddle asap(:

Monday, December 29, 2008

purple bake potato(: cool right?

this lil boy, my cousin's son,JAYDEN

this lil boy here,fiona's son,JAYDEN(:
my christmas present from baby(:
ferragamo bag! love it!
thanks sereneLOVE for your anklet,samBABY for your toe ring and your anklet too(: daddy for the vintage bag(: love it lots too.

night safari with my sister and her boyf. not all the photos are up cos im real lazy, so these are some photos that we took when we reach night safari till we reach. baby suppose to go with me, but he got duty-.-

okay, well, just roughly finish this sentosa post. we end our day with skyride and luge. it's the most enjoyable activity of the day. love it(:

at the start of the skyride,serene dropped her slippers(:
buibom looks so scare.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

too lazy to blog the rest of underwater world photos(:haha.
so i'll just roughly upload afew(:

the buiboms, dont keep eating lars. haha(:
there are still other photos, but im really lazy, i have to resize all the photos so ya(:do understand(: haha(:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

yes,im so lazy to blog.
will upload soon.
so bored.
life is so bored,
there's nth to do,
nth special.
i miss my girls,
my dearest friends.
boring boring boring!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

okay, this is sentosa trip part two(:
below here we have our dearest buiboms and snakes(:
if you happen to realise, actually sereneLOVE face like cramped.
here are some evidence(:
scared,super scared, uber scared.

here's the MAN(:

this is when boredom take place while waiting for bus to dolphin lagoon(:

our two lil celeb(:


dolphin lagoon photos coming up soon...

really lots of photo yeah?