Saturday, May 28, 2011

Knowing it all.

Looking at how others do, I kinda regret for what I've done.

Im just too selfish, and I know if I dont do that,

it is not the best for me but doesnt mean that it is the worst too.

Maybe these explain why am I so crazy.

Im so sorry.

Friday, May 27, 2011


An unspoken rule.

Distance your best guy friend when he got himself a gf.

It's not about " So what he got a gf? Then cannot be friends meh?" or " Why his gf like that? Friends only ma"

But please, which gf like her bf to be damn close with a girl? If you were the gf, will you like it?

Think for others, dont make yourself look so shameless.

Okay, I just suddenly feel like saying these, dont know why. LOL!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yes, thank god it's friday, so I can meet my girlfriends for some gossip session.

Love GraceYoz and KammyWifey~

of cos Fengfeng la! LOL!

Laugh like hell. LOL!

Drink a lil, let the blood circulate a lil. (:

You know, Im lazy to describe every single thing, so let the pictures do the talking (:

Too bad Fengmei didnt join us~

Next outing to be planned soonn~~ with Fengmei!

New Love.

Finally bought a camera for myself!

Love Love Love it!!!

It's red! And it's from Canon!

It's Canon Ixus 220~~~