Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Liquid Forty the day before ytd with feng and friends. And went to liquid again last night with kel-ling(: We like became regular in liquid lar. LOL
My baby(: LOL

Feng, bibi and peiqin.


My bi and I (:

sdlw and fengMEI (:

Our Love for wifey.
ai xin maggie goreng.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Im back blogging (: LOL, thanks to kelly-ling (: lend me her lappy to do my project(: Daddy is a liar, told me that he'll get me a lappy, but where? WHERE?!?!?! ):
Anyway, flea was / wasnt a success. LOL, but had lotsa fun with my dear girls. LOVE!
Damn suay, my phone battery spoil, bloated! i think gonna explode anytime while im talking on the need to save lotsa lotsa money to buy phone and all. damn broke -.-
Gotta stop here(: nights, everyone (:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As i've mentioned, i'll be setting up a booth/stall at Far East Plaza on 25th Dec 2009 (: Together with my darling girls, kammySLDW, KellyO and FengFeng(:

Apparels are all unisex, and also there are second hand items which are still in good condition(: Do SUPPORT !!!!




Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I wasnt really sure abt this, but im kinda "lucky" today. It's a nice flight though, total of 3 times within 24 hrs. Well well well, no news at all. I can feel my stupidity, waiting for someone yet nvr turn up(: GREAT!

Anyway met up with SLDW and kellyO just now, which was like a few hours ago to study(: MCQ test for marketing is ard the corner, gotta pull up my socks! LOL, cant afford to fail any of these modules. And i've started working alr :D $$$

Shared a stall in far east plaza with SLDW and kellyO on christmas. Will update abt it again(: Do Support alright(:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Packed my computer table with bibi today. My computer looks much more spacious now(: Next thing to do, pack the f sofa, piled up with lotsa clothings. Gonna clear all unwanted clothes. Anyway thanks bibi for your help (: LOVE YOU LOTS(:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anyway im sucha loser, but who cares? LOL!!! There's always someone be there for me whenever i need to do my individual project(: Thank god i've got such great friends ard me(: Special thanks to GraceY for her computer, helping me to type out and edit my project(: samBABY for helping me to print it out!!!! LOVED!

Another photo of me! LOL! Im seriously damn lazy to blog all photos, so gotta look at my sickening face for long (: but if you cant stand my sickening face then dont come to my blog. LOL! Anyway wifey and i had create something for ourselves(: SLDW : Super Loving Daring Wifey. Cool right? LOL, feng's one was SBTF and defeng's one was SOSA, so mine will be SLDW(:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

okay, im like damn lazy to blog these days. Piled up with lotsa projects, individuals and group projects are killing me. Seems like they've given lotsa of time to do it but it isnt as easy as what we think -.- Well, busy accompany-ing yifeng these few days because she's gonna fly back to thailand soon, and yes, she flew back to thailand alr, see you soon babe! Two weeks time with our pressie (:

Im so sorry to neglect my sereneLOVE and samBABY! Been busy with projects and feng feng, totally forget to text the both of you! So sorry dears!

Damn lazy to upload photos lar, so gonna stare at my old photos for awhileee... LOL.

Gonna meet my kammyGwifey in awhile to talk cork and gossips! I miss gossipping with LOVE and BABY!

Here by to say special thanks to marilyn for helping me in my draft project(: And bi and wendy for your companion(: