Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outing with KammyWifey(: LOL, met her at bishan for some catch up, chat for a few hours before we go for our "rounding" LOL! Actually only round from bishan to tpy and tpy back to bishan~ LOL! Went to tpy to meet gracey and kenneth for fun then back to bishan~ After that, dota~ LOL! I've finally learn alittle skill from dtyt and friends for dota, i know how to assist alr hor~ lol!!!!!!!!! dtyt and friends, Thanks for not finding me irritating (:

Wifey damn concentrate on her driving(: Cant be bothered with me-.-

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watched Confucius last night with sweet~~~ We were late for about 20 mins for the show-.- WHY? Because we went over to wheelock and he went to cut his hair, then check out beauty and the beast and lastly to far east to get my shoes, tt's why we are late~~~ watched like half of the show and it's really nice(: Maybe will be watching it again to watch the starting (: lol(:

My love for sweet(: Nice right? It's in his room now(: Red symbolizes me and Black symbolizes him (: Quite cool right? The whole room is Red and Black now~~~~

My ABC campbell soup~~~ Belle and yitan~~~ LOL!

Monday, March 22, 2010

See this cute lil boy? LOL, He is coming out of camp in about 2 to 3 hours time and i miss him so much! (: Love this photo, look like some innocent kid giving a kiss (: lol(:

Gonna meet gracey for a healthy run after meeting dtyt(:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Does anyone know where to get this? It's blackberry's housing~ And it's RED! I wanna change mine to red!

Went to compass point to print some photos with Ange(: MOS burger for dinner and walk around the pasar malam opp compass(: We were talking abt Universal studio. Our next triple date, Universal Studio! Kinda excited about it(: And also, bangkok trip asap, so im gonna work hard for that(:

Another 18 hours to see dtyt again(: Just hang up the phone with him(:

♥ dtyt

Phew~ Finally done with my new blog skin! It takes me like about 5 hours to make everything right(: LOL! It's like phew~~~ Love the new blogskin (:

Round applause to mbelle because she's a good girl today(: I was feeling quite guilty that I've been staying at dtyt house almost everyday and didnt get to see mummy's face-.- So i decided to spent my weekend with her(: I've already made an appt with her few days back to have lunch with her today, we went to Tampines Ikea(: Suppose to be lunch but dinner. Walked around the place like two lost sheep D: And bought home my Almondy with Daim inside(: Dinnered at Bedok and back home~ Im tired, soon off to bed~

I miss dtyt ): Hopefully he is comfortably sleeping in camp now. Another 4 more hours and he'll be awake and I'll be asleep~ Wont be able to meet him till Monday night ): Only get to talk to him over the phone for awhile today, we're so used to see each other almost everyday, and now-.- He's in camp and im at home-.- It'll be weird to be home now.

I miss his super uncomfortable skeleton bed.
I miss his bulky bolster.
I miss him hugging me to sleep.
I miss him kissing my forehead before he goes to bed.
I miss lying down beside him, knowing that he'll fall asleep before me yet wanna pat me to sleep.

Sweet, I just wanna let you know that no matter what happen, I'll give you my support(: Most importantly, just be happy (: As long as you are happy, im happy (:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aching and tired-ness~ just finish running, eating and bathing~ When will i slim down??? lol!!!

Have you seen the pretty girl who beg money over the net? She's damn brave i guess? who the hell will do that? And moreover, she's quite pretty. Hey girl, money wont drop from the sky, you gotta earn it yourself. Nobody would be so nice and trouble themselves to transfer money to you unless the person is a guy or a tik-ko pek~ lol!!!Wanna be a millionaire within a year? Dream on i guess. Well, claps to you. You got the guts! lol!
Another long day to see dtyt again :(
Still feeling damn sick, the sickening flu is killing me): Am going to wash up and off to meet dtyt soon and give him a surprise(: Everyone loves surprises except our love gracey (: lol!!! gonna meet her for a run with her mummy and alicia~ (: WOOHOO~(:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

serene's bday(:

SereneLove bday(:
Was at her place celebrating her 20th bday (: Steamboat with good and delicious food, always love her mummy's cooking (: Finally get to see love and baby (: catch up a little, then went to gardens for drinking and ktv session (: xoxoxo!!!

The bday girl (:

Long time no see, 3 happy friends(:

Heh Heh, extra again~
Group photos~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things that I wanna do (:
  • Wanna get my blackberry done with blings(:
  • Canon camera (s90) or (ixus 100 red) !!!
  • Peep toe pumps.
  • Eyelashes(:
  • Get a full time job after my papers(:
  • Be a little more lady-like ^^

74th intake MIS class chalet(:

Wtf~ blogger is making me pek chek~ i've waited for so long, finally uploaded every single photo and now all gone left afew photos-.- what sia~ -.- whatever i cant be bothered to upload anymore-.- Anyway, thanks to organiser Stephen and wife for the chalet(: allow us to have day 2 as our gathering (:

Marcus here, bbq-ing the food (:
Derry said: " Marcus love to bbq, because he can cook and eat at the same time"LOL -.-

Derry, Sabrina and Yiting~
Changed to Samantha~ Rahim extra la~
Then i joined him, being extra ~

Rahim and Yiting, act like couple only~

Saturday, March 13, 2010

zhan's enlistment (:

Yizhan's enlistment day(: Rushing rushing~ packing packing~ lol, and we reached there damn early! lol(: Like fun and exciting hur? YES! but it's damn tiring and hot~ it's like you can fall asleep anywhere you want after everything(: lol! There's still some photos unable to upload-.-

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a lesson to be learnt

A $42.65 cab fare, cool right? The most expensive fare that i've ever paid in my life (: LOL! It's just from tpy to sembawang then to hougang. the most most i give $30 for the cab fare, but wait, lesson learnt, not to get a cab in the morning(the expensive sur-charge) and also a cabbie that dont know the route well yet goes the wrong amd long way and doesnt wanna give discount(: What a great day to start with!