Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Went to JB last saturday with dtyt and mummy (:
Not much things to buy, anyway only bought 2 dresses,
and dtyt bought 2 pairs of shoes. lol!

Had BK for breakfast, Kenny Rogers for lunch and of cos seafood for dinner(:
Went to City Square and Holiday inn to shop, Taman Sentosa 101 seafood for our seafood dinner.
We ate crayfish, kai lan with scallop, steam fish, signature tofu, lala and mussels for abt round up, RM150, so it's about SGD 65. COOL~ LIKE! will visit malaysia again(:

@ Kenny Rogers.
Credit Mummy.

dtyt look like some Celeb. LOL


Happy news to share, I've passed my previous module (Y) (:
Finally I find myself not so burden. LOL!

Applying what I've learn in school and comparing it on the outside world,
the book said, sales personnel will want to compete with each other, might even stab you from the back if they need to just for that commission earned. But I guess not only salespeople, I didnt know that admin also the same. But not btwn admin, is admin with other personnel in the office. LOL! what a joke! No commission earned, but credit. JOKE!

If you're really so great then you wouldnt be an admin already.
You should try being stab by the back too.

So I guess the book should re-write.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Work and school at the same time, Im gg crazy.
Too used to the comfy life I used to have.
Now, Im telling myself, Im old enough, I should weigh my options.
My friends can do it, so am I.

Anyway T.G.I.F ! :D
Gonna see sweethearty dtyt either today or tmr (:
But school later again-.-

Thursday, September 16, 2010


My forwarder came all the way to my company just to pass my manager and I mooncake. My boss also dont have hor~
not cheap k! From Shangri-La hor~ LOL!


I got lotsa things to do, but I dont know where to start with.
Gotta see sweaty armpit, so, hence and alright later in class.

Im tired, 4 days of school this week.
I dont get to sleep as much nowadays.

October is coming soon, means birthday is coming soon (:
BBQ again? I've got no idea what can I do for my bday, anyway it will be a no alcohol day(:
One, I dont want to be like my FengMei(: Two, I dont drink at all(:
Promised kel-ling tt if she pass her license, we'll go pinic and fulfil her kite flying(:

Any suggestion? Needa plan now~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Boredom kills~
So decided to take some photos because manager is not around so nobody sitting behind me(: LOL!
Guessed that Im too heaty these days, so drank this Three Legs Coolong Water(:
Then I read the instruction, "200ml each time, 4 times a day" but I drank 500ml str. LOL!
That's why Im so COOL~~~

Having this super dry subject which is marketing later-.-
LONGGGGG weekkkkkkkk~~~~~
Having school on mon, tues, thurs and fri-.-
Sian ahhhh~~~~

Monday, September 13, 2010


Finally ease my craving for Cha Soba (:
Thanks dtyt!

Retail therapy with dtyt @ bugis(:
Just cut my hair, damn short, but at least look healthy(:

Dont know since when start loving to do retarded faces. LOL!
After cutting my hair, my face look damn round-.-

Saturday, September 11, 2010

KellyO's 20th Bday.

Check out this siao char bo here it's my dearest gf, KELLY ONG~

She's quite gone last night. LOL!
So ya, that explain why she go missing when I left, so I just anyhow snap one photo of her before she went missing.
Anyway hope you enjoy yourself last night and love your bday cake(:

Somehow, dont know why, just camwhore only~
More in Kelly's camera. LOL!

Lil sister, Lee feng feng(:

And Gracey~~~

P/S : Gracey, I still remember the lil joke you shared last night! LOL!
and Kelly, please dont scold me for putting such a weird photo of you inside my blog~ LOL!

I had my fun and the lil gathering and update with you girls, hearts all.

P/S again: KammyG please get well soon and we're all waiting to have fun with you!
Next is my bday alreadyyyy~~~~~ LOL!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Check out!
It's "ATTN : Ms Mbelle Lee (DIRECTOR)"

LOL! Applied wrongly, then came out this way.

Actually my tissue box is also red, but finish alr, so I threw it away and replace a yellow .
Gonna change everything on my table to red!
Ya, I know, my table very messy, cos I hardworking what~~~ LOL!

Dtyt's nights out(:
Chiong all the way to sembawang just to meet him for dinner(:
Had sushi~~~
Love you sweethearty(:

This is Agnes's daughter(: Cute right(: She pose for me kay! LOL!

Encouraging Choco from Agnes(:

Yes, Commex fair, the one that just over.
I was there selling Hyflux product(:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Had Seoul Garden last saturday with dtyt and his campmates & gfs.
Two new friends, becca and amelia.
Then to SOHO for drinking.
Not as fun as before.

When you're bored in office, this is what you can do.

But only took one to upload cos the rest look like shit.

School later-.- School started alr, no more holidays.
This mean, more assignments coming up,
no time to sleep,no time to play.
Management class later-.-
Econs was boring on monday, hopefully not today.

Okay, off to work again.


My dearest sweethearty dtyt, I MISS YOU!!!
Cant even hear your voice, i miss your voice, your smile, your hugs....

Great! I forgot to bring my phone to work today.

I forgot to bring almost everything to work today-.- gonna go home and get it during lunch time!

My house internet sucks! Cant even connect to the internet,
so Im using office's internet to blog(: LOL!

Okay, off to work now.
Bye bye~