Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is how the $30 lash look like(:

The Difference between $30 and $60 ...

$30 - the lash like one whole bunch.
that's why it only take about 1/2 hour to do.

$60 - Lashes are glued strand by strand,
takes about 1 hour and it's definitely more comfortable than $30.

It's me! LOL!
Photographer: Alicia~~ LOL!

Halfway done. LOL!
I look like sibei chui-.-

Monday, October 25, 2010


Spent my day like a tai tai(: LOL!
Went to do a classic Pedi and Mani @ Summer Sweet Nails with dtyt(:

Kan Chio nails, better than the previous one. LOL!
Dtyt did the guy's one.

Full Pedi and Mani @ $35 ( for first time ) + French = $40 .
Express @ $18 for hand and leg.
Man's Pedi and Mani @ $50
Man's Leg only @ $30

Add: 180 Bencoolen St #01-58
The Bencoolen
Singapore 189646

Amelia / Cindy
Call for Appt @ 68849626

Cheap Cheap Cheap! :D

* Remember to tell them you are Belle's friend(:

Then went to Ion for Dinner @ Sho Teppan.

Off to Ferragamo for this uber chio hairclip(:
Love it! And Im wearing it now at work (: LOL!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Ask me things @

Isit right? LOL! I dont know, just learn/ started to use formspring(:

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Realise that everyone is asking about eyelash extension.

Well, some photos to share,
this is how the $60 lash look like,
damn comfy(:

Featuring Alicia and Lisa.
If wanna do lash,
call Lisa @ 67487325 for appointment(:

Address: 810 Geylang Road, #01-40City Plaza


Will update the $30 lashes soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yes, Im officially 20 since ytd. lol~

Thanks to this thoughtful classmate, Mr Suko ( if im not wrong ) for this Birthday cake(:

Celebrated again on my actual day in school, how sad~ but anyway enjoyed myself during break time (: Thank you people.

Thanks to those who,
  • Send me Birthday Wishes
  • Came to my birthday
  • Gave me presents/ angbaos
  • Help me during the chalet
  • Celebrated my birthday with me


Unwrap them all(:

From Pris & Vick.

From ah cum.

From SereneLove & BB.
Love this so much from serene(:

Presents from all love ones.



From dtyt.

From SereneLove

SamBABY and MadelineMAMA

From Ange and Esmond

From Kelly, Grace, Feng and Sheryl.

From Mok & Qi

From Stephen and Family

From Darry and Marcus.

From Pricilla and Vick.

And a few angbaos~~~
The Late Arrivals.

Ms Kel-ling , Sheryl & Jaslin.

But... They are forgiven because they went to buy my present (: LOL!

The latest will be.... drumroll~~~


Caught eating~~~

The friend that I know since young, Sheryl.

My dearest gf that is those kind of gfs over bf ~ kel-ling~~

Welcome to the 20s PART THREE- The Celebration.

Photos shall do the talking (:

I totally forgot what are the steps for cutting cake and all. LOL!

Oreo Ice Cream Cake(:
Thanks dtyt(: hearts~

Lovely friends(:

Credits to dtyt for all photos(:
Fun With Polaroids

A gift from my dearest love, Dtyt(:
A Polaroid Camera for my Birthday Present (:

Thank you sweethearty (: Lotsa Love (:

Not much photos, because I only got 10pcs to spare. LOL!