Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Suddenly realised that the past post I've blogged seemd so retard. But anyway that was when I'm a kid yo!

Seems like Blogger changed alot, you can actually check who or where your audience came from. Surprisingly there's people who actually Googled for DOYS to read my blog. LOL! Must be his fan or Ex? Maybe?  Whoever you are... GOTCHA!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love my short hair <3

Seriously in love with my short hair.

Well I perm my hair previously that's why my hair have curls now.

Anyway, my bf cut my hair for me, so if you wanna get a cut maybe you can arrange a appointment with him. OR if you prefer his teacher you may go str to Mosche at Pan pacific hotel orchard.

So to make an appointment, just email to me @ and subject to be : appointment for hair cut .

Rates for hair cut I'm not very sure, but if I'm not wrong, male is ranging from SGD40-60 and female is ranging from SGD70-100.I've to check with him after you confirm your appointment :)

Hmmm... So obviously I'm my bf's model and advert lol! Cheers~

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Got my hair chopped!

Before and after.

Before was not really right before, but still, I've not cut my hair before it after I permed my hair, and now my curls are gone!

Photos are not photoshopped ! And best part, my "after" got no make up, jut the help of the lighting in the toilet>.< lol! Thanks <3dtyt for the hair, though I suffered for like almost 3-4hrs sitting there. Lol! And his teacher Francis :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Greatest friends of all

Been meeting the greatest friends of all:) the stars of my life. Why I called them stars? Because they are like one, they are always there even in broad daylight just that you don't see them. Of cos they are my serenelove and sambaby:)

Who will order your fav food when you are angry with someone else just to make you feel better?

Who will do online research to find out what you should eat/do when you are sick?

My two lovely friends do!


Consecutive mono ktv for a few weeks with my sec schoolmates. Lol! Of cos all the birthday parties last two weeks ago. Agatha's chalet and surprise visit at sam's party at mono. Lol!

Had alot of fun last week at mono, like climb out of the window just because we are lazy to walk out to smoke. Sit at the side of the window to smoke, compete who sound worst on the mic. We are definitely crazy lol!

And best part is we will be there this saturday again!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Change of hairstyle

Did I mention that I just curled my hair? Like permanently ? Lol! Yes! I just did it. Thanks to Mosche for the special offer an d thanks <3dtyt for his "face" that's why i got that offer~ lol! Love the new hair but at times am feeling old. Lol! There's always a time that a girl will curl their hair for a period of time and straighten it again. #weird

Anyway, this hair colour really sucky. But don't have a choice to wait till about a month or two later and I shall dye my hair black/ dark brown.

LCB finally left, serve her right, I don't even have to fight for this place and I won. This shows how lousy you are and how weak you are. you brought this upon yourself. Without you, things will get better. Lol!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby boy

My lovely baby nephew :)

Met up with cousins last Saturday and I was so damn late!

Supposed to meet at 3pm and I was there at 8pm. Lol!

Super tired because went to dragonfly, jab1 and white bar -.-

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy 2yrs anniversary

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2yrs anniversary , impromptu decision to USS with <3dtyt >.<

Transformer is awesome!!!

Classic expression from <3dtyt While playing mummy coaster. LOL!

Enjoyed my day, enjoyed the presence of you:)


CNY 2012

CNY 2012 with dearest family:)

Didn't gamble much so considered win alot during cny right? Lol!

Happy birthday Gracey!!!

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Am really lazy to update my blog, but since I've met up with kammywifey ytd, I should blog bout it:)

Went to buy Gracey's present, shared by wifey and fengmei:) <3

Getting a present for gracey almost killed both of our brain cells-.- it's really hard to get a present for gracey. Lol!

Other than getting present, had a great time with wifey, so much of update and recalling all the fun memories we had tgt for the past years:)

Finally tmr the 4 of us are meeting again!

Anyway happy birthday gracey!
Hope you will like the present and excel in your future career!!!