Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing can express my feelings now.
I really hate it when you cant be bothered you know?
I really feel damn FUCK UP FUCK UP FUCK UP.
Im speechless now.
Nothing will be better if these carry on.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terror of late nights at mac(:

Soggy Fries in IceLemon Tea, salt and pepper water(:

Then baby became fully retarded(: haha, no la(:

The below 4 photos, done by baby(:

Brian's Lousy lar!

My Job hunt outing with Alicia(:

HAH! one shot upload my photos(:
While waiting for Drea to send me the photos in her cam,
i shall upload mine first(:



Went to Toni&guy to get my hair highlight,
it's not very obvious, but i still like it(:
the best part is,
my hair isnt spoilt(:

Punggol park for sereneLOVE's birthday and also BABY's ORD party.

They temp permed my hair.

A VS wristlet and this photoframe for love.

Her Lovely Birthday cake,
given by BuiBom's mum.

Sing , Wish , Cut(:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Monday, March 9, 2009


you are retarted(: And I love you for being one(: haha(:

Your retartedness makes me smile all the time(:



Friday, March 6, 2009


I miss you(: though im gonna meet you later, but i still miss you(:
I feel like hugging you right now, and i dont know why(:
Though these few days you are really annoying and irritating, but i'll still forgive you(:
Lastly, I simply love you(:


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everything seems like nvr go right these few days.
It's just so sucky yeah?


Went to meet baby in the night with his father and family(:
Ate at some restaurant near Marine Parade,
later on went over to his dad hse and stay over.
Movie marathon for the Ongs Brothers.haha.
After we were awake,
we slacked the whole evening.
Then went over to Bishan to fix my braclet(:
Dinner at Sakae Sushi(:
While on the way back to Kovan,
Baby just randomly told me that,
his dad and mum kept asking him "where's belle?" "where's your gf?"
He said it's the first time his dad and mum keep asking him abt where's his gf.
hahahha, it's so nice(:
Im a nice girl, that's why they kept asking abt me(:
hahahaha(: *bhb (:
as usual, slacked at Kovan Mac,
kinda no life,
so ppl, it's time for us to change a place and do something else(:

And guess what?
I doubt I'll be working these few days!!
Cos Boss not ard,
she said she'll call me after she's back in town(:
Relax for a few days first(:

The Ongs Brother,
SEXY(: hahahhaha(: