Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love isnt perfect after all.
It's a game of Hide and Seek.
You hide i catch.
Oh, and promises are mend to be broken,
So if ever your bf promise you anything,
dont take it to heart.
Because every single guy will break their promises one by one,
or, they cant even remember a single shit abt what they promise.
They will give 101 excuses and explanation on the promise that they break.
So dont be naive and believe what a guy say.
Learn your lesson.
Trust me, it's definitely true.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Here comes Harry Potter and the Monk

Our dearest Bday girl.

"Celebrated" Our 1yr anni at Fish&Co.

Day Two.
Im like kinda lazy to upload all the photos one shot.
So im gonna break to two post.
More Photos= Less words.

I promise baby to post Kitt's ugly candid.

Day One at DADA's chalet.
Didnt put any make up,
So look kinda ugly,
pardon me(:

Express Mani and Pedi with SereneLove few weeks ago.
Damn lazy to upload photos,
but still im here blogging.
Anyway went to nail artise to do our nails.
Express Mani with French is only $17,
express Pedi without French is $12.
I feel that is kinda cheap and good stuff(:

Good job! LOVE IT!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Merely could see them.
HAHA! Karma sia.
I put myself into it.
So it's time.
Be a lone ranger=no problems.
I always thought that friends should understand each other.
Keyword : Thought

You know, within one night, i've become a stingy ass wipe.
But wait a minute, come to think abt it ...
Do i have such rich or i shall say generous parents like my friends do?
I just dont understand why my close friends arent thinking for me?
Yes, they are thoughtful.
But not to me.
HAHA! hilarious.
I can only envy friends that are lucky enough to have parents that can give them love when they need.
I can only envy friends that have parents to lend them some money when they do not have.
I can only envy friends that have parents willing to pay school fees for them.
Yes, i agree im not the poorest ass in the world.
But so what? im still poor right? Compared to my circles of friends.
My parents cant even pay my school fees.
If they could, they would!
But they couldnt.
You cant blame me for being in a lousy family with no money.
I've gotta work to earn money.
Icant even get the things that i like.
If i were to use finish my pay, im so gonna eat shit. WHY?
Cos i do not have parents tt can lend me money!
So just let me be that STINGY ASS WIPE that everyone is thinking right now!
Whatever it is, i've got no mood in any celebration because i hate myself for being me.
Yes, and this post is obviously out of anger,
and at the same time i feel that it's true.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


With much love and care from this dearest BFF,
it has been 6 years of our friendship.
Remember the first time we met in class...
You are my first few new friends.
I remember clearly that you are just sitting right behind me(:
And then some ugly memories that you always always dont want me to remind you.
The part on 2003 CNY, I saw you at your hse downstairs,blah blah blah...
Thanks for being there for me when i needed you most.
Even how reluctant you are,
you will still come all the way down to meet me.
Just to talk to me, to console me.
And also even over the world's smallest problems,
or how lousy i feel,
you'll still be beside me no matter rain or shine.
I really feel thankful to have such a great BFF like you(:
For that past 6 years you are so dear to me,
so is the next ongoing years.
Like what you said,
"Nothing ever change between us"
I'll give you my promise,

It came all from the bottom of my <3
They are straying and staying far away from me.
I can merely see their shadows.
Retribution, i guess?

Monday, July 13, 2009

School starting soonnn....
And im reluctant to go to school.
So damn lazy, but i've got no choice.
I better move my butt to school!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guess how much is this bag?
It's $1800!
Anyway all Chanel belongs to Ms CaiHong(:

And this cost $400!
Damn ex lar!
I also want lar!
Photos to upload!
Taken some photos in office(:
And at home...

Ytd's dinner.
Ate these during lunch and dinner.
The famous Beef noodles that cost 5 bucks for the smallest bowl(:

Shy Sar.
Mr Botak.HAHA!

My colleague John's Bday celebration in office,
coming soon...