Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Greatest friends of all

Been meeting the greatest friends of all:) the stars of my life. Why I called them stars? Because they are like one, they are always there even in broad daylight just that you don't see them. Of cos they are my serenelove and sambaby:)

Who will order your fav food when you are angry with someone else just to make you feel better?

Who will do online research to find out what you should eat/do when you are sick?

My two lovely friends do!


Consecutive mono ktv for a few weeks with my sec schoolmates. Lol! Of cos all the birthday parties last two weeks ago. Agatha's chalet and surprise visit at sam's party at mono. Lol!

Had alot of fun last week at mono, like climb out of the window just because we are lazy to walk out to smoke. Sit at the side of the window to smoke, compete who sound worst on the mic. We are definitely crazy lol!

And best part is we will be there this saturday again!

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