Monday, February 20, 2012

Change of hairstyle

Did I mention that I just curled my hair? Like permanently ? Lol! Yes! I just did it. Thanks to Mosche for the special offer an d thanks <3dtyt for his "face" that's why i got that offer~ lol! Love the new hair but at times am feeling old. Lol! There's always a time that a girl will curl their hair for a period of time and straighten it again. #weird

Anyway, this hair colour really sucky. But don't have a choice to wait till about a month or two later and I shall dye my hair black/ dark brown.

LCB finally left, serve her right, I don't even have to fight for this place and I won. This shows how lousy you are and how weak you are. you brought this upon yourself. Without you, things will get better. Lol!

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